Jared Rogness: Owning it

So, let’s be frank—I am a hypocrite creatively.  If I could paint the content of my stories a color it would most likely be gray.

tucker boys NAR illustration

I grew up like most of my friends in Iowa in the ‘80s and ‘90s with a steady stream of depictions of violence and aggression in cinema, TV, video games, comics, music, and yes—sports. Blood thirst is indiscriminate. It all fuels the same ticking cultural time bomb.

It was for me and for many of my suburban white friends a chance to live dangerously… but now that I’m a father and I’ve tested limits and lived with the consequences, I’ve seen what misdirected passion can result in.

After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, and so much gun violence before and since then—I looked back at the body of my creative work, haunted. Continue reading