#NotWriting: I, Morning Writer by Steven Ramirez


This morning, I fumigated my apartment. I was up early, before the sun, the cars, the first flight out to Denver, with every intention of beginning my novel—I have the perfect opening sentence, dazzling really, one of those rare combinations of form and content that will no doubt write the next three-hundred and ninety-nine pages for me—but before I could crack open my laptop, before I could commit my King Kong chunk of prose to virtual paper, there it was. Out the corner of my eye. The nastiest little SOB to ever crawl its however-many-legs out the crack in my floor. Continue reading


Managing Managing Editor: Office Structure

I wanted to start a weekly blog in which I explain some of the business I attend to as Managing Editor. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), this now humorous questionnaire from the fifties for secretaries is pretty applicable to the job of Managing Editor at a lit mag in 2014. A score of 80% or better “reveals a good personality for the business world.” How did you do?

As Managing Editor of NAR, I am the only staff member in the office. Our other editors are full-time professors at the University of Northern Iowa. A few of them provide their time on a strictly volunteer basis while others receive a very small course release for their time in the office.  As a result, I do all of the management. (In addition to my teaching load at various institutions).

This is my attempt at streamlining our blog schedule using a series of high lighters late on a Friday night on my kitchen table. Perhaps regretfully, nothing in this photo is staged.


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