Double Duty; Writing and Illustrating Comics by Jared Rogness

It was editorial cartooning for my college’s newspaper that first hooked me.  Attempting to do it all writing and illustrating, doing my best to peel back complex layers of an issue to get at the succinct core of an idea in a seriously restrictive format, it was comic boot camp for four years 4 yrs, and I loved it. I moved away from editorial to try my hand at freelance projects when I moved out west after college. I let someone else be the director and I was simply the hired hand.

But projects like that were never as satisfying as seeing my own story birthed on paper. I’ve finally hit my stride after many years with my current project, but this evolution has taken years of continual, sometimes obsessive, drawing, writing, and falling forward, to now be at a place where I feel liberated creatively and excited to share my story with the world. Failing forward? Let me elaborate on what that means:

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