On writing: “Plenty, Hay” by William Stratton from issue 299.1


I like to think of my poetry as non-fiction, and in large part it is. I often struggle with ideas or images which are not, strictly speaking, part of what actually happened. Of course, this is a foolish response: what works in order for the poem to construct a more viable connection with the reader (or subject matter), or access a higher order truth, or in some other way makes it a better poem is what ought to matter. Nevertheless, I continually confront myself as a writer in these circumstances, and then frequently confront the poem as well. I am happy to report that I have gained efficiency in this process, though I doubt I will ever conquer it entirely. Perhaps that is what is best for me as a writer, that urge to stay with reality as my experience is what defines to some extent my voice as a poet. Continue reading