North American Review’s Issue 299.2 Now in Print

The Spring Issue, 299.2, of North American Review is back from the pressThe Spring Issue celebrates Poetry month and features our 2014 James Hearst Poetry Prize winners. This issue also holds a special treat with a four-page color spread with poems by James Hearst and drawings by Gary Kelley to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the James and Meryl Hearst Center for the Arts.

The issue is now available to purchase on North American Review‘s online store.


Table of Contents


Cover Farmer Poet [pastel on paper] • Gary Kelley
14 Untitled [digital] • Vlad Alvarez
16 Disturbing Merganser [digital] • Jeannie Phan
22 Untitled [paper cut and collage] • Gary Kelley
30 Adrift [pen and ink, digital] • Eric Piatkowski


14 Moist Towelette • Lee Ann Roripaugh
16 Borders • Simon Holloway
22 Hulda Hoover’s Quaker Garden • Thomas Fox Averill
23 Flags • Thomas Fox Averill
23 The Evolution of Wordworth’s Garden • Thomas Fox Averill
30 Suspension • William Torrey


39 A Curious Inheritance • Mike Ingram
45 Liquid Church • Barbara Haas
52 James Hearst: “I ‘ve done what I can” [Past Perfect] • Jim O’Loughlin


3 Ode to Frida Kahlo’s Eyebrows • Martha Silano
4 A Brief Report on Cosmology, Fate & Human Frailty • Mark Wagenaar
6 Ghazal for Emilie Parker • Carolyne Wright
7 Rejection for Sestina • F. J. Bergmann
7 Cosmogony • Brittney Scott
8 The Bus Driver’s Wife • Sharon Hashimoto
8 Samson • Casey Thayer
8 Spring • Ann Hudson
9 Candling • Jenifer Brown Lawrence
9 Ex Ode • Heather Altfeld
10 Deciduous • Tess Barry
10 Leitmotif of the Mothers • Jennifer Militello
11 Rank Bitch • Patricia Colleen Murphy
11 Mother • Chelsea Wagenaar
11 How to write a love letter • Shivani Mehta
12 Eat • Cynthia Wyatt
13 Lucky to be pretty • a.j. Hennessy
18 Marvels of the Invisible • Jenny Molberg
19 Fear and Trembling • Lindsay Illich
19 Abandoned Mine Under Snow • David Salner
20 Baptism • Jhoanna Aberia Belfer
20 Missionary • Christa Romanosky
21 Value of Viewing the Body • Robert Haynes
21 Driving West at Sunset • Carol S. Westberg
21 The Version in Which I’m the Bowman • Megan Peak
24 Mammals • Abigail Bautista
24 On the Nature of the Universe • Brandon Lussier
29 The Girl Who Skipped Through a Thorn Bush • Jason Olsen
29 Balancing • Ivan Hobson
29 Letter to a Young Poet; or, Search Committee; or, 36 Dream Songs • Joseph Mains
29 Aftermath • Cindy Veach
36 Year of the Dog • Jackleen Holton
37 Your Father • Sebastian Paramo
37 A Theory of Happiness • Dante Di Stefano
37 Tantalus by the Sea • Lee Rossi
38 Quarters • Howard Altmann
38 Quantum Theory • Victoria Kelly
44 Chink • Michelle Lin


47 Crosscuts: Brief DVD Reviews • Grant Tracey
48 Synecdoche: Brief Book Reviews • Vince Gotera
49 Paeans: Brief Book Reviews • Anne Drolet

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